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Globe Connect

A message board application created using ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework that utilized the Azure Cognitive Services, specifically the Text Translator API, to translate the application text into a language that the user selects. Essentially, this made it so that users who speak different languages could communicate with one another.

Technologies Used:

- Azure
- ASP.Net Core Mvc
- Entity Framework Core
- MySql Workbench
- MAMP Server
- JQuery
- Bootstrap
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his application was built with React as a User Interface for storing and manipulating user data as well as integrating with the NYC Online Data Portal API. Built with test-driven development and Agile best practices in mind, there is a suite of feature, unit, and integration tests built into the Java microservice back-end to ensure the application is sound and secure.

Technologies Used:

- React
- Java
- SpringBoot
- PostgreSQL
- Gradle
- Docker
- Selenium
DataStreamNYC View on GitHub
Travel Buddy

A travel plan dashboard created in Python using Django Framework, this application allows users to track their upcoming travel plans in a neat and efficient display. Users are able to register/login to edit travel plans and validations are set up to make sure events are not past-dated. Passwords were hashed using Bcyrpt.

Technologies Used:

- Python
- Django Framework
- SqLite Database
- Bcrypt
- JQuery
- Amazon Web Services
Travel Buddy View on GitHub
YouTube Clone

This application is a remake of YouTube built using React and Redux. The application takes a search term as the global state and pulls the top 5 videos relating to that term from the YouTube API. These videos are displayed on the right of the screen and the initial selected video is displayed and started on the left. Search bar input is throttled to prevent latency issues with AJAX request video searching.

Technologies Used:

- JavaScript
- React
- Redux
- Webpack
- Babel
- Bootstrap
YouTube Clone View on GitHub



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MySql SqLite PostgreSQL Oracle MongoDb


AWS Azure Heroku MAMP

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About Me

With great dedication to programming and the ability to create something out of nothing, I am looking to develop technology that empowers others to build a better life. Hello, my name is Christian and I am a Software Developer.

If you'd like to work with me or have any fun project ideas, feel free to contact me so we can collaborate and build together.